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To realize reliable results, it is important to sample consistent. Please take following steps into consideration when sampling:

  • The crop needs to be in the stage of full leaf tension, sample before 09:00 am. 
  • Only sample dry crops 
  • Sample young and old leaves separately 
  • For most crops a representative sample consists out of 30 leaves. See the specific sampling guides per crop for more details or contact us.

For some crops we have specific sampling guides, you can download them here;

Sampling guides

General       Citrus                                  
• Alfalfa   • Cotton
• Blueberry   • Forage
• Corn   • Grape
• Cucumber   • Kohlrabi
• Potato   • Lentils
• Raspberry   • Lettuce
• Strawberry   • Apple/Pear
• Sweet pepper   • Asparagus
• Tomato   • Bean
Zucchini   • Onion
• Canola    • Peas
Carrot   • Sweet cherry
 • Melon    • Wheat

User guide to create graphs of your sap- and water analyses

User guide Bemesting Online