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Plant sap- and water analyse

Water analyses

It is possible to have water samples analyzed by us for nutrients. In substrate cultivations, in addition to plant sap analysis, it is also necessary to have the irrigation water and the drain and/or slab water analyzed. For example, it is possible to adjust the nutritional composition of the irrigation water to the actual absorption of the crop. NovaCropControl can also analyze your well or basin water. The water analyzes are accredited according to ISO-17025 (under RVA registration number L 635).

Plant measurements to monitor growth

Plant sap analysis can quickly and accurately determine the current uptake of nutrients in the plant. A plant sap analysis consists of 22 main and trace elements, providing a complete picture of the mineral uptake. This allows for quick tailored adjustments and more efficient use of fertilizers. By visualizing the mineral uptake, a deficiency or excess can be detected at an early stage. This creates the possibility to adjust your fertilization at an earlier stage, which will promote plant growth and development and subsequently limit production losses. Optimal mineral uptake will have a positive contribution to plant disease resistance.

Plant sap measurements versus dry matter analyses

A dry matter analysis shows a deficiency four to six weeks after a shortage of an element is presented in the plant. For this reason, adjustments are often made too late. Thanks to plant sap measurements, this problem is now a thing of the past: plant sap analysis will reveal a deficiency within just a few days. With plant sap analysis you can anticipate quickly and hereby proactively steer your fertilization.