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Plant sap- and water analyses

Water analyses

It is possible to have water samples analyzed by us for nutrients. In substrate cultivations, in addition to plant sap analysis, it is also necessary to have the irrigation water and the drain and/or slab water analyzed. For example, it is possible to adjust the nutritional composition of the irrigation water to the actual absorption of the crop. NovaCropControl can also analyze your well or basin water. The water analyzes are accredited according to ISO-17025 (under RVA registration number L 635).


When a sample arrives at NovaCropControl before 9 AM, the results will be sent per e-mail on the first working day after arrival of your samples at our laboratory. When a sample arrives after 9 AM the results will be sent per e-mail a day later. When we have target values for your crop, we present your results in bar charts. The bars provide quick insight into the results. The shortest or longest bars are the most limiting factor in the optimal growth of the plant. It is therefore important to look at the relationships between certain elements. This is why it can be difficult to interpret a plant sap analysis report. An instruction has therefore been drawn up in which it is basically explained how a plant sap report should be interpreted. For an even more complete advice click here for the possibilities.

It is also possible to send in samples of both good and bad plants. This gives insight into the nutritional status of your crops.

Click here for an example of a sample report.
Click here for an example of a sample water sample report.


Target values

The analysis report shows green chart bars that indicate the health of the plant; these are our target values. The developed target values are crop specific. Based on data from the database that NovaCropControl has built up over the past 12.5 years. For a large number of crops, trials have been carried out in the past in which experiments were conducted with shortage and excess situations in order to make the target values even more precise. This makes it a reliable measure tool that can be used by any grower.

Click here for a list of all crops for which target values are available. Is there a crop not listed? Inquire assistance by calling 013-590 2864 or emailing



In order to gain a good insight into the nutrient uptake during the entire cultivation, we recommend that you sample frequently. How often and the type of analysis depends on the crop. This way a lot of data is collected, which can make it difficult to keep overview. Our free program Bemesting-Online makes it possible to easily compare crops and/or locations with a graphical representation. It also makes it easier to compare the data with the target values. This way, the development of the cultivation can be better assessed. It is better to give advice on the development of the cultivation than on an individual analysis.

The graphs in Bemesting-Online are generated based on the names on the sample. It is therefore important that the name of one and the same crop is indicated on the sample in the same way every time. To prevent mistakes and to have a structured sampling schedule, it is recommended to order the labels pre-printed.

An account for Bemesting-Online can be requested as soon as labels have been ordered. An account will then be created under your email address. Access is granted per person. If several people from a company want access, they will each get a separate account.

As consultant, it is also possible to view your customer's data via Bemesting-Online. This requires permission from the customer. The customer must indicate when this permission will expire again.

Below are a number of instructional films explaining the use of Bemesting-Online. You can also download the PDF version here.

Instruction video's Bemesting-Online

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