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Nitrogen uptake test strawberries

During the graduation assignment of Arno van den Bogert and Tim Weijs we looked at how far the nitrogen can be reduced in an Elsanta strawberry cultivation.

The trial started on 4 March 2018 and consists of 4 treatments. A standard, 125%, 75% and 50% of the standard nitrogen gift. To keep the ion balance in balance, chloride has been calculated.

The first plant metering clearly shows the difference in the amount of nitrate and chloride in the young and old parts. The treatment with the highest dose has the most nitrate and least chloride. At the lowest gift this is the other way around.

The difference in average fruit weight is very close to each other. In contrast, the total harvest weight is further apart. The standard nitrate donation gives the highest harvest weight and the highest dosage the lowest, although the differences are very small.

Visually, there is almost no difference between the various treatments.

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