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Cursusdata: 9 en 10 juni 2020
Studieduur: 3,5 uur
€250,- excl btw

Optimal fertilization and promoting plant health seminar at Greentech

Locatie: Greentech beurs Amsterdam (exacte locatie volgt)
Datum: 9 en 10 juni 2020
Tijd: 9 juni 13:30u – 17:00u, 10 juni 08.00u - 11.30u
Voertaal: Engels!
Kosten: € 250,- excl btw

Onderwerpen die aan bod komen:

  • Why Plant sap measurements?
  • Mineral mobility of elements in de plant
  • Mineral synergism and antagonism
  • Factors that influence mineral uptake
  • Soil or substrate vs uptake
  • Interpreting analyses
  • Nutrition and plant health
  • Research on plant health

“Optimal fertilization and promoting plant health”

On 8-9-10 June is the world leading international horticulture trade show in Amsterdam with over 470+ exhibitors. NovaCropControl is one of the exhibitors.
NovaCropControl will give an interesting seminar on the 9th and 10th of June 2020 that is all about plant nutrition, fertilization strategies, plant health improvement and the methods of how plant sap analysis can help growers and consultants to start improving their cultivations. This course of 3,5 hours will be presented in the English language.